Identity – who am I? – Gedichte aus dem Englischunterricht

Die Klasse 10a hat sich im Englischunterricht in einer Unterrichtseinheit zum Thema „Identity – who am I?“ mit Gedichten auseinandergesetzt: wir haben analysiert, gegrübelt, zugehört, gestaunt. Doch es sollte nicht nur bei einer Auseinandersetzung mit den Werken anderer Autor*innen bleiben. Auch die 10a hat im Rahmen des Unterthemas „Painting with words“ eigene kreative Gedichte in der englischen Sprache verfasst. So sind zum einen sogenannte „chain poems“ entstanden, die die gesamte Klasse zum Thema „self-love“ verfasst hat, sowie andere Gruppengedichte zu Themen wie „love“, „life“ oder „school“. Viel Vergnügen beim Lesen!

Life is like lottery,
you´ll never know what you get.
Sometimes it can be hard
so, think smart.
Life can be boring and sad,
but also, you can grow instead.
Live your life to the fullest, till the very end,
or else it will fly by and fade away.

How to cope with yourself
self love means accepting yourself
self love does not mean, not having insecurities from time to time
self love can make you happy
self love cannot be harmful
it is more than only saying you love yourself, it is to feel good, confident
self love makes you feel good about yourself
self love shows you, it`s easier to live with yourself, when you accept yourself
self love is a good thing
because it makes you happy

except yourself
self-love means accepting your flaws, to be a part of what you are
self-love does not mean to doubt yourself
self-love can make you feel confident about who you are
self-love cannot be harmful
self-love is more than just thinking you’re pretty
self-love makes your feel strong and confident
self-love shows me that I’m good like I am
self-love is important for everyone
because without it, what would we do?

Either you’re lying on a cloud
Or sinking in the deep ocean
I didn’t fall for you
I walked into love with you
You took my heart,
Brought me sunshine
When I only saw rain
You brought me laughter
When I only felt pain
It’s the best or worst feeling ever, Love.

The time flies, the years leave,
Your air goes, you can`t breathe.
The first years, gone forever
You should think to spend them better.

Every day, we`re going to school,
because learning is so cool.
Sitting there all day,
without any pay.

While teachers are talking about spice,
I´m sitting here with open eyes
And then school`s end is near…
I´m so happy…  though feel a tear.

Who wants to live?
Life, this best we all love, we all fear
It whispers promises in our ear
And keeps its secrets guarded
Makes you feel joy, makes you feel pain
Laughs at all the broken-hearted
Life is laughing at all of us
because we are confused by all its paths
that we will never understand
Who wants to live anyways?

Rain on the Window
Love it sounds nice,
but it comes with a price…
to love is happiness,
to love is pain,
like playing on a playground
on a rainy day.

From inside I can see it,
my eyes, reflected in the window,
crying just the same.
I can see the sun, I want to reach it
but I can´t…
like a never-ending game.

Can´t I open the window?
Is someone holding it closed?
If I get outside,
will it be warmer or even more cold?

Love, it sounds nice,
is it worth it?
That´s a question I´ll never know.